Phoenix Personal Injury FAQ

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How do I know whether I have grounds for a personal injury claim?

Generally speaking, it must be established that the other party had some obligation to act in a certain way or provide a certain level of care. From there, it must be proven that the other party did something or failed to do something in breach of that responsibility and that this action or failure to act caused your injuries. In Phoenix civil court, personal injury cases do not have to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt as in criminal cases. The injured party must prove that it is more than likely true that the other party caused his or her injuries.

I wasn't seriously injured. Should I still see a doctor?

Although you may have only suffered minor scrapes and bruises in an auto accident or after a slip and fall, it is important to seek medical attention. You may have sustained an injury that you are unaware of or that may not present for several hours or even days. A doctor can help ensure that everything is alright.

What is my case worth?

No two Phoenix personal injury claims are the same, and as such it is difficult to determine what a claim may be worth without completing an extensive investigation and evaluation. By reviewing the accident itself and the extent of your injuries and property damage, an attorney and experts in medicine, economics and numerous other fields can work to determine the true value of your claim.

What types of things can I recover compensation for?

Depending on the case, you may be able to recover financial compensation for lost wages, future lost wages, medical expenses, future medical expenses, the loss of enjoyment of life, and possibly more. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer can work with you to determine both the value of your claim and what damages you may be compensated for.

What is a "personal injury"?

A "personal injury" is a physical or emotional injury suffered at the hands of another. Many personal injuries are caused by negligence, a failure to act in a reasonable manner, to provide a standard level of care or act with reasonable concern for the safety of others. Personal injuries may also be caused by intentional misconduct, however, as in the case of an attack or assault.

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